Why choose Orient?

Orient is a ONE-STOP solutions provider offering a wide range of products such as cling film, aluminium foil, parchment paper, canned fuel (food warmers), specialty bags, disposable items and accessories for the food industry.

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Creative Cooking

Do you know that Orient Parchment Paper is great for steaming or baking food? It not only retains the natural nutrients & freshness of the food, it also prevents the juice from leaking onto the plate thus easier and less cleaning up to do.

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Baking & Grilling

Orient’s aluminium foil provides robust lining that ensures consistent temperature throughout baking and grilling.

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Steaming & Boiling

Orient’s sous vide bags are robust and thick enough for prolonged boiling & cooking of meat or veggie.

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Our Products

All Orient products are certified and approved for food use.
They are of superior quality and are highly durable. Easy to use and trusted by chefs and the professionals!

Premium Food Grade

Certified by international authority. Suitable for food use.

Superior Quality

Top grade, high heat resistant. Non-leak, easy to use

Highly Durable

Non-break, thick and strong. Reusable many times.

Aluminium Foil

Cling Film

Parchment Paper

Specialty Bags



Best Seller

Available in standard sizes as well as customised dimension, Orient provides prompt and reliable services all the time. Our online and off-line ordering system let our customers enjoy an efficient and hassle-free experience.