Healthier Way

Everybody knows the importance of eating healthy. But how about healthy cooking? Steaming, boiling and baking are healthier options. Do you know that Orient Parchment Paper is great for steaming or baking food? It not only retains the natural nutrients & freshness of the food, it also prevents the juice from leaking onto the plate thus easier and less cleaning up to do. The coated Parchment Paper means you do not need to grease the paper and your food will not stick onto it! The Lincook Cooking Bag is perfect for use in boiling food without losing its goodness to water.

Healthier cooking
Tasty and appetizing

Tastier & Appetizing Aroma

As we all know, appetizing food firstly come from its look and then the aroma. Cooking with Orient products enhances the aroma and taste of food. The Orient Parchment Paper and Aluminium Foil preserve the natural goodness & moisture of food, retaining the natural color of vegetables. Regardless of Oriental or Western cuisine, unwrap the paper or foil at the table, the aroma will make the food simply irresistible and tastier! Thanks to the strong and durable properties, the Orient paper does not break and it can contain the gravy or sauce in the pack without leaking. When wrapped, the paper or foil help to keep the food warm for longer.

Crispy Without Oil

Do you know you can make crispy fish and chips or chicken wings without deep frying in oil? Yes, the Lincook Cooking Bag lets you do just that – it removes the need to use oil and fats, an alternative way to deliver fat-free cooking. The fish or chicken wing will come out evenly brown and tasting just as crispy. In fact, crispy outside, moist and juicy inside. What’s more, it is not greasy ! Try it with Tempura, Pork Chop, Goreng Pisang (banana fritter) and many, many more.

Crispy without oil

More Convenient

The Orient Parchment Paper and Aluminium Foil let you cook and serve the food directly from the kitchen straight to the table. They can be used to line the baking tray, or used beneath the dough for rolling; the paper or foil will prevent food from sticking to or dripping on the tray or the rolling board. After baking or cooking, you may also transfer the food wrapped with the paper or the Foil, directly from the baking tray onto a serving plate. This convenience means you will save time because there is less cleaning and washing up to do. What’s more, the Orient Parchment Paper is coated on both sides and lets you use up to 3 times on each side in the baking oven.

Attractive Presentation

We all know that appealing foods can stimulate appetite. Food not only has to smell good and taste good, it has to look good, too. Feast to the eyes! With a little creativity, you can easily present your food in an attractive manner using the Orient parchment paperaluminium foil or cookie bags and decorate with piping bag. How about baking pasta with your favourite seafood? Try it!

Attractive presentation
Less mess, less cleaning

Less Mess, Less Cleaning

Do you know that the Orient Parchment Paper can be used to line the sauce pan when preparing a sauce? This way, your sauce pan will remain clean and you can prevent any sticky residue on the pan that is difficult to get rid of. Another tip is : use the Orient parchment or cooking paper to cover the table top when preparing ingredients, seasoning food, rolling a sushi or popiah, or preparing a sandwich. No need to worry about dripping bits and crumbs, just wrap up all the mess and throw away the paper after you are done. Thanks to the non-leak parchment paper, your table is clean!