ULTRA-GRIP! Kee Seal Piping Bags 21” – 72 bags/box

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Specialty Bag


Kee Seal Piping Bag Ultra-Grip  21” 530mm x 270mm.

Food-grade and sterile-interior bags for hot or cold use. Ultra-extreme anti-slip exterior coating, smooth inside and twistable offer the best possible grip of any disposable piping bag. Perfect for every type of piping or filling for use in cake decorating and food preparation.

The bags are suitable for use from -30 Celcius up to 110Celcius. It can be heat up in microwave but ensure there is no local concentration of fat or oil.

Kee-seal bag are imported from Sweden, made of pure polyethylene (PE) and free from Bisphenol (BPA). It manufactured within a HACCP food safety management. 

Available also in standard version for those who prefer a smooth grip of the bag. All bags come in clear and blue color.



72 bags/ Box


-30⁰C up to 110⁰C


Made of pure Polyethylene (PE). Free from Bisphenol (BPA)


Manufactured within HACCP food safety management.

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