$ 10.70

Premium quality, food-safe and non-stick. Orient parchment paper is thick, grease and moisture-resistant and coated on both sides ideal for oven use. 

$ 48.60

Premium and food-grade greaseproof paper formulated with oil protection system that is impermeable to oil or grease. Its slip easy property best used as cupcake paper, cooking and baking. Price per ream.

$ 9.10 $ 13.00 -30%

Cooking paper can be used to absorb water from fresh meat before cooking, absorb oil after frying, filter soup broth and oil. Price per packet.

$ 26.60

Orient offer premium quality, food-safe parchment paper. Its thick, siliconized with vegetable fat on both sides, grease and moisture-resistant and specially treated for oven use. You can use it to line your baking tray, to wrap fish, meat or other dishes, to cover countertops to make clean-up easy. Price per roll.  

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