$ 180.00

Premium quality and food-grade Linvac 80 microns vacuum bag. It is suitable for wrapping any foodstuffs for a long term storage at room temperature or below. It can be used for heating up to 70⁰ Celcius for up to 2 hours, or up to 100⁰ Celcius for up to 15 minutes. Price per carton.  

$ 22.60

Premium quality, food-grade cooking film to preserves flavours, vitamins and minerals. It keeps food moist and improves hygiene in your kitchen! Suitable for use in traditional oven, microwave oven, double boiler, steam cooking, frying, deep frying.

$ 33.80

Kee Seal Piping Bag Ultra-Grip 21” 530mm x 270mm. Food-grade and sterile-interior bags for hot or cold use. Ultra-extreme anti-slip exterior coating, smooth inside and twistable. Perfect for every type of piping or filling for use in cake decorating and food preparation. Can be heat up in microwave. Reduce contamination risk now with Kee-seal bags! Price...

$ 46.20

Premium quality hard bottom cookie bags suitable for all occasion. The bags’ integral bases allow even the lightest weight products to stand properly for display.

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