Bio-Degradable Cling Film in 2-Way Sliding Blades

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Bio Degradable Cling Film in 2-Way Sliding Blades
Green Product


Orient offer premium and certified food-safe biodegradable cling film packed in a cutter box with two-way sliding blade for easy and safe handling. It is ideal for wrapping all kind of food stuffs include fat, butter and margarine. It also can be used to wrap non-food items such as clinical tools, hair and skin for wellness treatment. It’s suitable for use in fridge, freezer and microwave.


Keeping your food fresher & longer and retaining moisture is now so easy!


It is an eco-friendly product that does not cause environmental pollution because the film decomposes after disposing while maintaining the same characteristic as regular cling film. 


Orient oxidative biodegradable cling film is imported directly from Korea and has a shelf life of 12 months. It’s best to store at room temperature below 30⁰C, avoid direct sunlight.

Price per roll.


Core ID


Core thickness



Bio-Mass Film to reduces ecosystem toxicity, saves petroleum resources and reduces carbon emissions


USDA Biomass Certification, Korean Biomass Certification

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