Vinyl Handgloves – 10 boxes of 100’s/Box

Unit Price $ 55.20

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Hand Gloves


Exam Grade Vinyl Gloves for general purposes. It complies with FFDCA regulation and requirement. It provides a loose fit with an excellent tactile sensitivity. Ideal for food preparation and preventing contamination. It is latex-free making it the best alternative for those allergic to latex gloves. 

Price per carton. 

Available in clear or blue, powdered or non-powdered, sizes S, M and L. 



100pcs/ Box, 10 boxes/ Carton


Made of Poly Vinyl Chloride Resin, DINP, Viscosity Modifier, D70, Ca/Zn carboxylate stabilizer, Corn starch. A latex Free glove & chemical Accelerator-free Compound

Glove Dimension
Glove Size Palm Width (mm) Length (mm)
S 85 +/- 5 240 +/- 5
M 85 +/- 5 240 +/- 5
L 105 +/- 5 240 +/- 5

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